Top 7 Best Electric golf push cart in 2022 – A complete guide

Top 7 Best Electric golf push cart in 2022 – A complete guide

Best Electric golf push cart in 2022 | A complete guideNo doubt, a match of golf can be a terrific workout, and maintaining your clubs around more often will cause a little too much strain. But do not fret over it because there is an option of getting the best electric golf push cart to get around instead without any hassle; it is always an ideal option, and you can afford it easily. However, it comes with one fear which will be the ideal one to choose as electric gold push carts comprises a wide range of inclusions. 

But it is never a matter as you have stopped at the right article. I have covered the best ones reviewed and tested, so it can be a perfect one that suits your needs. Keep on scrolling to explore and discover your immaculate automatic golf push cart.

So a golf push cart could be a significant investment if you are a golf enthusiast who plays more frequently but is already sick and tired of carrying your bag around on your back during every round. Overall, it is worth trying!

Image Product Details   Price
515lFTTFgvL._AC_SX679_ (1) MGI Color: Black
Note: Straight navigation with Gyroscope technology
Check Price
51Kiz+Bf70L._AC_SX679_ (1) CaddyTrek R2 Color: Black
Note: Deploys a combination of Ultrasound and RF signal technology
Check Price
51tpswpnL5L._AC_SX679_ (1) Cart Tek Color: Black
Note: Built from aviation-grade 6061 aluminum frame
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What is an electric golf push cart?

An electric golf push cart is a relatively helpful piece of equipment that golfers use to cart their golf bags along with the clubs around the golf course. Electric golf push carts typically have three or four wheels and allow golfers to save their energy by not having to carry their bag on their back during a round. As it is motorized, golfers can control the equipment remotely and have a hassle-free experience.

Is it easy to assemble an electric golf push cart?

Most golf cart manufacturers make it straightforward to assemble their electric push carts. The vital you will need is a screwdriver, hex key, and maybe a wrench too. They will typically come at least partially assembled, specifically the foldable models. So it is straightforward and uncomplicated to complete them.

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What are the benefits of an electric golf push cart?

  • The golf push cart is the most suitable option as it saves your energy. It reduces the sprain by escaping you from carrying the clubs on your back.
  • The other best thing is that it offers excess storage for golfing accessories.
  • Next, it permits easy access to your golf clubs before each shot.
  • You can also count on the design because it is furnished with an umbrella holder for your umbrella.
  • They are effortlessly transportable and do not occupy much space.
  • They can often come equipped with a seat for you to rest on during your round.
  • The electric gold cart is motorized and operated by remote control as well.

Top 7 Best electric golf push cart 2022

It is understandable how arduous it is to bear the weight of your golf bag for a golf match. It is a massive drain on your energy and doesn’t let your best game shine. It is why a good grade, the reliable electric golf cart can be tremendous support out on the golf course; not only does it lessen the burden of the heavy golf bag off your shoulders, but it also reduces all of the excess work out of driving, all credits to an electric motor. So below are some top-notch choices of the best electric golf push cart 2022.

1- Cart Tek Electric Golf Push cart with Remote Control

Electric golf push cart


  • 10.4 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger
  •  Folded dimensions: 25.75″ wide x 34″ long x 11″ tall
  •  Assembled weight: 31 lbs. (w/ battery)
  •  Frame Weight(quick detach wheels removed): 22.5 lbs.
  •  Battery weight: 3 lbs.

The Cart tek electric golf push cart with remote control is excellent, and its fabrication has turned out even better with the new innovative V2! It also features a brand new remote control, enhanced ergonomics, completely redesigned wheels, and slope control. This cart is accessible in black, traditional silver, gunmetal gray, and white. A scorecard holder, umbrella holder, and large drink holder are included at no extra cost. 

Besides this, there are other features that I have covered below. Overall, I believe this is one of the first remote-control electric golf carts you should consider.

Special features:

Aviation-grade 6061 aluminum frame: The GRi-1500Li comes with the characteristic of an aviation-grade 6061 aluminum frame that weighs around 21 pounds but ultimately offers superior protection against the features. Moreover, concealed inside the axle tube are two proficient high-torque 24V motors.

Programmable settings: This innovatively designed remote control is programmable; it comes with a wide array of programmable settings, including turning force, speed buttons, and tracking; you can customize your cart to your needs. It is a wireless pairing process and a magnetic mount, but I had a second thought that the magnet is not quite as strong as it should be.

Four factory speed settings: This electric golf cart has four factory speed settings, so you can easily program more settings as desired. The handle is comprehensively adjustable from 37.5″ to 46.

Fastly recharged: This cart deploys a 24V, 10Ah lithium-ion battery that weighs around 3.5 pounds. It is rated at 500 cycles, and the best thing about this is that it gets fastly recharged in 3-4 hours and gives a stable ride for up to 36 holes. The package includes A battery charger as well.

Easy to set up and use: This remote-control golf cart is simple, stress-free, and easy to set up daily, so you can get to golfing within 30 seconds. Though it falls on a bit pricey side, seeing its high-quality build, the receptiveness of the remote, easy-to-operate, convenience, and reliable performance, I think it is worth it.

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  • Built from aviation-grade 6061 aluminum frame
  • Innovatively programmable settings
  • Four factory speed settings
  • Easy to operate
  • Fastly rechargeable in 3-4 hours
  • The issue is magnet is not quite as strong as it should be

2- MGI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy

Electric golf push cart


  • Item Package Dimensions: L x W x H ‎24 x 19 x 17 inches
  •  Package Weight: ‎45 Pounds
  •  Brand Name: ‎MGI
  •  Color: ‎Black/Gray
  •  Suggested Users: ‎Unisex-adult

This MGI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy has proved to be a functional electric golf cart. The product comes with a directional remote that allows ease of control across all grounds. You can even make use of the downhill controls to control your speed.

Besides this, it also comes with a self-leveling drink holder, multipurpose clip, multipurpose clip, umbrella holder, and wheel covers to offer all-around comfort on the course. Overall it provides the best performance, which you will understand after reading other exclusive features below:

Special features:

Built with patented technology: This electric golf cart is battery-powered and fastly rechargeable, and its patented technology makes this golf caddy offer an effortless, smooth ride across all grounds. It is available in black color.

Full-directional remote control: This cart comes with a full-directional remote control that enables you to have complete control over left, right, forward, and reverse direction, all while controlling the speed.

Gyroscope technology: This cart ensures straight navigation with Gyroscope technology that naturally maintains the caddy’s position in the curviest terrain.

Downhill circumspection: The best thing about this caddy is the automatic speed control kicks in instantly when going downhill to reduce your effort and make you all precautious.

  • Battery-powered and fastly rechargeable
  • Full-directional remote control
  • Downhill precaution
  • Straight navigation with Gyroscope technology
  • No cons so far

3- CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart

electric golf push cart


  • Brand Name ‎CaddyTrek Caddies
  •  Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎24.5 x 21 x 16 inches
  •  Package Weight ‎20.96 Kilograms
  •  Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎32 x 1.5 x 25 inches
  •  Item Weight ‎8 Pounds

This CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart is here to carry your bag and lessen your burden. It lets golfers walk around hands-free and enjoy the golf game without a load of carrying a backpack. For golfers who find it challenging to walk their round, the CaddyTrek offers a suitable solution to the challenge of handling their gear so they can ultimately focus on the game. Moreover, this R2 is the high-quality automatic golf push cart from CaddyTrek available in black or apple red shade. Yes, it comes with a hefty price tag. But, noticing all of its great features that make this cart shine brighter than its immediate competition.

Special features:

Ultrasound and RF signal technology: This CaddyTrek R2 electric golf cart uses a combination of Ultrasound and RF signal technology that helps estimate the player’s distance, speed, and angle. Players can walk their game as this caddy tracks the player’s movement. 

Two different tracking modes: The CaddyTrek cart offers two distinct tracking modes that include following and Marching. The tracking technology is practically the same, the only difference being the direction of the golfer to the CaddyTrek. Players must stand in front of the unit, clip the handset to their back waistband, and engage. Next, follow Mode OR cut the handset to the front of your waistband and stand back of the unit to use Marching. 

Best remote control: Players can also use a remote control caddy for hill climbing ability and additional speed ability; all they have to do is, change the CaddyTrek into the remote node and send it 100 feet to the next tee box. 

Long-lasting battery: It comes with a battery that can survive up to 27 holes; so far, this is likely the best-motorized golf push cart for a complete golf day.

Easy to operate: One of the other best things about this cart is it won’t produce any noise and is very smooth and easy to operate. So players can go hands-free with this electric golf push CaddyTrek cart that tracks in front or behind the player easily.

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  • Deploys a combination of Ultrasound and RF signal technology
  • Easy to operate
  • Built with additional speed ability
  • It offers two distinct tracking modes
  • The connection is a slight issue

4- Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Cart 

electric golf push cart


  • Brand Name: ‎Bat-Caddy
  •  Motor: Power: 2 x 200 Watt (400 Watt), 12 V DC Electric
  •  Battery: Power: 12V 20Ah Lithium battery

If you are looking for another high-rated electric golf cart model, this Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Cart is ideal for you at an inexpensive cost compared to X4R. However, when it comes to battery properties, motor properties, frame material, modes, remote control system, and much more, it is similar to the X4R.

But it differs in size and frame style, and also, there is a lack of an adjustable handle. Moreover, the wiring and the handle are also water-resistant, making the design of the X3R completely weatherproof. So it is worth making a purchase.

Special features:

S-Frame design: The X3R golf cart deploys an S-Frame design fabricated from aerospace aluminum alloy that offers the unit an aesthetic appearance and is durable and lightweight. Besides this, the frame lock is built of reinforced ABS.

Multifunctional remote control: It comes with a multifunctional remote control; furthermore, it has directional controls, brake or stops functions, and a timed advance feature with an on and off button that eradicates the chance of accidental signals that could cause unintentional behavior.

Versatility: This golf cart has a T-handle with an LED screen and speed and battery charge indicators. Moreover, on the handle side is an on or off button for the carriage, rheostat control for manual operation, speed control, and a timed advance (10/20/30) feature.

Amenities: The X3R golf cart is compatible with various functional accessories such as a removable caddy seat, holders, rain cover, and carrying bag.

5- Callaway Traverse Electric Push Cart Remote Control

electric golf push cart


  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: ‎33 x 28 x 16.5 inches
  •  Package Weight: ‎23.13 Kilograms
  •  Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎36 x 13 x 10 inches
  •  Item Weight: ‎44 Pounds
  •  Brand Name: ‎Callaway
  •  Model Name: ‎Traverse Cart

Now with Callaway Traverse Electric Push Cart Remote Control, it is ultimately easy to move the course and be hands-free. As players, it will be hectic to carry around components and put the burden on your shoulders. But with this Callaway golf cart brand, you can rock it. This brand has an extensive reputation in the market. It is known for fabricating golf bags, irons, drivers, putters, and even clothes, and now they have a great quality electric golf push cart for you.

Special features:

Great directional controls: This golf push cart features ultimate remote variable speed and directional control like left, right, forward, and reverse; it also includes handle-based preset distance options, so players can use hands-free or drive it remotely.

Durable structure: This golf cart is fabricated from a complete durable aluminum frame, which makes this push cart golf cart safe to use in damp areas. Moreover, the high-torque twin motors feature sealed housing, and a gearbox ensures smooth and quiet operation.

Fast rechargeable battery: This electric golf push cart comprises a rechargeable lithium-ion battery specifically fabricated to give a stable and lasting experience up to 27 holes on a full charge.

Compact design: The other best thing about this golf push cart is that it can be easily folded into a compact size for convenient and easy transport and storage, i.e., it fits perfectly in most car trunks and all SUVs.

Convenient amenities: It comprises all the golf push cart accessories a player needs, such as a flexible handle with a storage room and umbrella, drink, ball holders, scorecard, and tee.

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6- MGI Zip X1 Electric Golf Caddie

electric golf push cart


  • Brand Name ‎MGI
  •  Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎24 x 18 x 15.9 inches
  •  Package Weight ‎15.65 Kilograms
  •  Item Weight ‎22 Pounds
  •  Warranty Description ‎3 years
  •  Model Name ‎ZIP
  •  Color ‎Black
  •  Material ‎Plastic

You can expect a smooth and quiet ride with this revolutionary MGI Zip X1 Electric Golf Caddie. The features it has ensured to do all the work players can keenly concentrate on in their game. It offers a great feel to play your best.

Moreover, compared to other motorized golf caddies, this MGI ZIP X1 is among the best equipment in the game. Do not give it a second thought after seeing its price tag, even at this hefty price; this MGI Zip X1 comes under $1000. And if you are fortuitous, you can grab them on sale for closer to $500, which is wow!

Special features:

User-friendly: It is friendly to have an electric golf push cart that follows you; you do not have to fret over still physically pushing this cart because it has a 230w motor that makes it feel all light to carry like you are doing no work.

Foldable extra fourth wheel: This electric golf cart with the foldable extra fourth wheel is an excellent addition to this cart as they offer additional stability over rough landscapes or hills. However, you will want to have it spin up in most cases as it negatively affects maneuverability, specifically with the fixed front wheel. But you can readily pop it down when you need to. 

Advanced digital electronics: This motorized push cart golf system comes with Advanced digital electronics. It comes with variable speed control and a battery indicator that makes the operation of this cart uncomplicated.

Zip fold design: It comes with an innovative zip fold three-wheel design from a compact size that paves room for easy transportation and storage. Overall, it is a steal deal price and is perfect for its cost. So you can own this electric cart.

7- Motocaddy M7 Remote DHC Electric Caddy

electric golf push cart


  • Brand Name: ‎Motocaddy
  •  Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: ‎30.3 x 20.1 x 17.5 inches
  •  Package Weight: ‎21.41 Kilograms

Motocaddy M7 Remote DHC Electric Caddy has recently introduced the new M7, an advancement to the original S7 remote trolley, which has been acquired incredibly well by customers, earning a significant spot on the most wanted electric caddy 2020 list. Now players are all set to avail themselves of the benefit of the practical functionality of the Motocaddy line of caddies.

Moreover, the M7 delivers enhanced reliability, a more proficient battery, and more intuitive handset controls as part of a comprehensive redesign. This cart’s strengths are its high controllability and ability to fold into a very compact shape. Let’s look after other features!

Special features:

Rechargeable remote control : This electric golf cart comes with a rechargeable remote control handset; you can store it on the caddy frame in your comfort or in your pocket while locked to evade accidental pushing of a button.

Easy to operate: You can quickly drive or operate this cart in various directions like forwarding, left, right, reverse, pause, resume, and emergency stop buttons, which make working spontaneous and effortless. Moreover, the remote’s range of 150 feet lets you safely operate from a reasonable distance; players can switch to manual control mode if their battery drains.

Downhill braking technology: You can also count on the downhill braking technology that maintains a steady speed automatically while driving down a slope, stopping runaway caddies, and a detachable rear wheel proffers extra balance over bumpy terrain that prevents tipping.

Thoroughly adjustable: This unit is very simple-to-fold; it is a 2 step system that collapses the caddy to form a compact size that paves room for easy transportation and storage. Moreover, the thick, ergonomic handle accommodates to fit your height perfectly.

Reliability: This golf cart uses a waterproof, lightweight lithium battery with IP66 water & dust rating. It makes the battery offer a stable drive for more than 36 holes on a single charge. So indeed, Motocaddy electric cart does well with tight turns. So overall, it is undoubtedly one of the most reliable remote electric golf caddies I have tested.


Is an electric golf push cart worth it?

An electric golf push cart is worth a purchase. It offers golfers the facility to operate it through remote control without draining the energy of manually pushing them. It is also ideal for older players who still enjoy walking the course but do not have the strength to make their cart manually.

How to choose the right electric golf push cart?

Before making a purchase, ensure that some of the criteria are ticked in your chosen electric golf push cart. If it has all those features like it is durable, lightweight, easy setup and folds down effortlessly/be compact for storage, visually attractive, stylish and inexpensive, and priced within your budget. If all these features are ticked, then it is the ideal golf push cart you have been looking for.

What are the excellent push carts to buy?

You can use the criteria of durability, appearance, storage, weight, and price to determine the best electric push cart to buy. However, I have discussed the best-rated models that stand out above the rest. So you can choose accordingly to your needs. 

Bottom line:

From the above content, you would have realized that there are so many quality options available for an electric golf push cart, so it is easy to get lost in the details; it is why I have penned each product review in detail so you can have the top picks from my list of the best electric golf push carts. It is sure worth an investment as it offers an incredibly smooth ride, good battery life, powerful dual motors, and a motorized feature that automatically allows you to drive in front of you.

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