Microwave drawer pros and cons in 2022 – Unbiased Review

Microwave drawer pros and cons

Microwave drawer pros and cons in 2022 – Unbiased Review

Microwave drawer pros and cons – A microwave with a drawer is explicitly designed to ideally be placed into a lower cabinet or fit under the counter. Because it allows for decent countertop space, enhanced functionality, and a more modern outlook, overall simple and austere; moreover, microwaves with drawers ultimately have more accessible features than the over-the-range or countertop microwave oven, adding an appealing element to your kitchen cabinet. So, it is an essential appliance, and purchasing the right one matters.

But it comes with particular questions like, are drawer microwaves good? Is it worth buying them? To help you understand precisely, I have broken down the pros and cons of drawer microwaves which will be quietly helpful. Keep reading!

What is a microwave drawer?

In simple words, a microwave operates as a drawer instead of a box with a hinged door. So the point of having a drawer microwave is to create more space by getting it off your counter or from under the cabinet. A drawer microwave perfectly fits under the counter in a lower cabinet and allows the countertop to stay obtrusive while forming a seamless aesthetic space.

Are drawer microwaves good?

If you ask us that are drawer microwaves good? I would say that it is the luxury convenience with profuse benefits at its finest. Putting food into a microwave for fast food is pretty handy. Under the counter, microwave drawers have one main advantage over the conventional countertop microwave, which is their potential to naturally blend into the surroundings. However, it will have its drawbacks; considering the benefits, it is always a good choice. Drawer microwaves are also ultimately designer-friendly and can be easily installed virtually anywhere in the kitchen space to activate optimum kitchen workflow.

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Drawer microwaves pros and cons:

In this section, We will be providing unbiased Microwave drawer pros and cons in 2022.


Sleek and modern design:

Drawers microwaves are modernly built and give a stylish appearance complimenting any kitchen style. The stainless steel finishing makes a face look fresh and updated. On top of that, the interior LED lighting offers the appliance a luxury and high-end appearance.

Extra countertop space:

Drawer microwaves fit effortlessly into lower cabinetry, below a wall oven, or in the Kitchen Island, saving your valuable countertop space. It is an exceptional solution for those who do not have enough countertop space.

Enhanced accessibility:

These microwave ovens open out instead of swinging on a hinge. So this is the absolute best news for people who are left-handed or if they find it challenging heavy lifting items. For them, a drawer microwave is an outstanding choice to eliminate such problems. Because with the drawer microwave, vertically challenged people can ultimately lower dishes in and lift them out without hassle.


Drawer microwaves have a spacious interior capacity that can ultimately fit 4-quart casserole dishes, which is plenty of space.

Safety features:

It is a common parental concern to have a microwave that is low enough or easily under the reach of children. But this issue can be easily a result as this under-counter microwave comes with a child safety lock feature to lock the control panel. So you can set that as the lock will help assure your kids cannot use or operate it in your absence.

Easy to clean:

Most drawer microwaves come without the rotating plate or turntable that ultimately pins the food as its heating. So the microwave interior has smooth surfaces without any additional looks or crevices for food particles to stick to. So the easy-to-clean surface demands to wipe it down, and you are done.

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No convection:

Convection cooking takes place through circulating hot air throughout the microwave oven. But certainly, this cannot be done in a drawer microwave because of lack of ventilation. Certainly means no baking or broiling, which can be commonly practiced in a regular oven.

No turntable feature:

Drawer microwaves have innovative technology that does not deploy turntables or rotating plates to heat food. That’s only a drawback if individuals are set on the archaic way of doing things.

Restriction in sizes:

Only 24 and 30 widths are accessible, and the interior sizes are the same across every brand.

Heating capabilities:

It has the same heating potentialities as other microwaves. Though it is a good thing, it will not work well and create miracles on frozen foods.

Need assistance during installation:

Compared to a countertop microwave installing a drawer microwave is challenging. Because it is evident that installing a microwave under the cabinet or on the island is a bit more complex than installing one on your wall, so assistance is mandatorily required for adequately installing it; moreover, if you are not familiar with what you are doing, then it will be better to higher up professional or expertise electrician to perform the job.


Conventional microwaves fall under the price category between $100-$500. However, you must invest more to acquire the great features and design of a microwave drawer on your island. So an under-counter drawer microwave ultimately costs about $1000, but the price can range up to $1800 without including installation cost.

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Is the microwave drawer worth it?

To put this answer precisely, if you are looking for a microwave on a budget, then a microwave drawer is ultimately not your choice and not worth it. But on the contrary, if you are looking for a microwave with more outstanding quality, design, easy access, functionality, no turntable, and ample space, then definitely microwave drawer is worth it. Because this choice certainly does not determine that person is looking for more other aesthetic factors than just the functionality of the microwave.

How to properly clean a microwave drawer?

It is ultimately easy to clean the royal microwave; white clean it with a damp cloth. Moreover, to clean the top sides of the microwave, add two cups of water in a microwave-safe bowl with one teaspoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of white vinegar. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and microwave on high for 5 minutes. Ensure to put a toothpick in the bowl before heating; that will help prevent the water from boiling over—next, microwave on high for the next 5 minutes by closing the microwave door. After 10 minutes, take the bowl out and wipe the inside and top part of a microwave with a damp sponge.

Bottom line:

We are at the end of this exciting topic, and I hope I have got you covered and cleared all questions regarding it. Of course, microwave drawers are an exceptional invention, and I love them. This innovation has undoubtedly taken the microwave to a new level with ultimate design and features. I believe this article has helped you get rid of confusion around them as I have shared drawer microwave pros and cons so you can be assured and clear while buying the drawer microwave.

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